Bringing basketball back to the neighbourhood


Our commitment to the basketball community of Australia is this simple mobile app that makes finding high quality hoops in your neighbourhood fast and easy. 

By 2020, working closely with state bodies and local fans, we hope to map more than 2,000 courts across Australia. 




Today, we’ve mapped more than 200 courts across Australia, but we have many more to go and we need your help.

Our mission is to fill the Nothing But Net app with pins so every kid in Australia, no matter where they are, can find a great local court to play at with friends in an instant. 


Stadiums are at capacity, so we’re working with councils across Australia to educate them on improving the facilities of outdoor courts. Why? From our work we can see that better courts motivate kids to play. 

By 2020, we hope all States across Australia commit to installing Ring Leader hoops in our parks. 


This year we’re delivering a small IoT project to measure the impact of adding nets to courts in suburban areas. This Particle Electron kit is connected to a backboard and measures the vibrations to tell us if the court is in use.

In late 2018, we’ll publish a study determining the impact a simple net can have on neighbourhood recreation. 


Today, we’re working closely with local councils in Victoria to bring Project Backboard - an initiative turning courts into large scale works of art - to Australia.

If you’re an artist and want to be involved, head to our instagram page and let us know. 


We have a range of merchandise for you to rock when you’re hitting the courts to show your support.

Everything we make funds the work we do every day to make basketball more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.