The mission

Nothing But Net is a community-backed, non-profit organisation dedicated to making basketball more accessible and enjoyable for everyone. We bring outdoor courts to life by working with local councils to improve existing public court facilities. To date, more than 170 courts have been added to our network of high quality hoops across Australia.

The inspiration

It began a few years ago when we moved to a new area in South East Melbourne blessed with about 20 well kept, local playgrounds. Cricket nets, tennis walls and footy ovals were all busy, but the basketball courts were seldom used. As a 90s kid, I remember the number one reason we all hit the courts was a simple net on the local hoop. We wondered if putting nets on hoops would bring basketball back to the neighbourhood? My brother and I started hanging nets up and the response was overwhelming.

The moment

At our first court, kids waled over from the skate park to join in and parents walked up to thank us. It was sweet validation for our guerrilla public service. We posted photos online and thousands began to comment with their support. We thought, we have to keep doing this! But hanging the nets was only half the challenge. Once we had a numb er of courts, we needed a way for ballers to find these courts wherever they are in the city.

The community

So we launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for a mobile app that could map every court in the city and connect local ballers to our network of high quality hoops at the click of a button. Thanks to the generous support of basketball fans across Australia, we reached our goal and earlier this year launched Nothing But Net for iOS.  

Looking ahead

Every day we work with councils to manage our courts, software developers to improve our app and the basketball community to expand our ever-growing network of basketball courts across Australia. In 2017, we're working Basketball Australia to head across to Perth and begin setting up the world's first network of connected outdoor courts. 

Founder & fellow baller, Alex Wood. 

 Alex (front row, centre) with the Nothing But Net crew in Mornington

Alex (front row, centre) with the Nothing But Net crew in Mornington